I am a mortgage originator licensed by the State of California to help families with their home mortgages. I have many years of experience, many hours of training, and a great team to support the duty of educating and advising families, and processing and closing the loans.

We try to keep the loan programs section updated. Feel free to call me for questions about the loan programs, guidelines and loan scenarios. Go ahead call me or send me a text at (562) 704-1651 with your scenario. Hopefully, it will be the first of many.

Please consider scheduling a meeting for a free personal consultation that includes a free credit report and analysis, if you have already decided to build wealth through home ownership. Please let your family and friends know that we are here to help them too. I am sure you know someone that rents or worse is trying to rent and could well be starting to build their wealth through home ownership. You can be part of this mission too.