By now, you know that we have a mission to help families build wealth through homeownership. You can be a source of information and change people’s lives by sharing this info bellow.

  1. A college student that graduates and starts a full-time job on the same field can help his family qualify or buy his own house with the first-month paycheck.
  2. A person with no credit history can have 3 FICO scores in as little as 45 days by applying for a secured credit card with just $200 or less.
  3. There are systems that can predict with a precision of $100, how much your FICO will go up by reducing your credit card balance or paying off a collection. We include this analysis free of charge with your first meeting.
  4. A person with a work permit may qualify for an FHA loan.
  5. First time home buyers can buy up to $660,000 (LA and OC counties) house with zero dollars from their pocket (with seller helping with closing costs).
  6. You can buy a non-FHA-aproved condo with zero dollars from your pocket with a conventional loan.
  7. A person with FICO 580 can qualify for an FHA loan.
  8. A person that lost a house to foreclosure 3 years ago can apply as First-Time Homebuyer and buy another house with zero from their pocket.
  9. You can buy 2-4 units with 3.5% down with FHA and 5% down Conventional and use the income from the other units to help you qualify.
  10. If your FICO is 720 and up, a 3% down conventional loan has lower closing costs and lower payment and lower APR than a 3.5% down FHA.
  11. A mother that had stopped working to take care of her children for many years but has been working for 6 months and has a total of 2 years history (including before she stopped) can help her family qualify.
  12. Home Services, Child and Spousal support, Social Security, Self-employment and tips (as reported on income tax), and annuities, rental income, are viable sources of income.
  13. Cosigners are allowed on FHA loans including the zero down programs.