The table below shows the required cash to buy a house and the monthly payment including taxes and insurance using CALHFA. Note that the cash can be from the seller also. Ask the seller for a little help if you don’t have all the money.

The mortgage payment is fixed for 30 years. There are tax credits that may increase your net income reducing the impact of a higher payment. How long will take for your rent to surpass your monthly payment?



We will start working on your pre-approval as soon as we receive this request. You don’t need to pay any fee for your pre-approval. You can schedule an appointment to meet with a Loan Officer in person at our office for a personalized consultation: just call (562) 704-1651. Please share this program with family and friends.

The video below shows how you can use the down payment assistance to buy a house with less than $2000 from your pocket or less.