You can Buy your First House with less than the Security Deposit of your next Rental.

  1. You can buy a $439,000 house (*) with less than $4,000 from your pocket.
  2. You can ask the seller to pay for $2,000 and pay less than $2,000 from your pocket.
  3. You can use a gift from a parent.
  4. Your security deposit on your purchase may be returned to you in full as you move-in.
  5. You can qualify with less than $6,000 gross monthly income (and no other debts).
  6. You can use your savings to pay-off your debt and qualify.
  7. You can have a parent co-sign for you and qualify with less than $6,000 gross income.
  8. You can have a rental property and still qualify.
  9. You may have had a foreclosure 3 years ago or a bankruptcy 1 year ago and qualify.
  10. Real Estate appreciates on an average of 5% a year. Your equity can be $159,000+ in 5 years.
  11. Your rental will be more than your mortgage in a couple of years.
  12. You can be living in your new home in less than 45 days after an accepted offer.
  13. You can actually love your own home.

For a free, personalized consultation in one of our offices in Downey or Ontario or Mission Hills, please call Celso at (562) 704-1651.

Text (562) 704-1651 for different income, different home prices and for condos.

(*) The house/condo price limit is $600,000 in LA and OC counties and $400,000 in SB and RS counties. Estimates based on an FHA loan, min FICO of 640. Condos also available with conventional loans. Subject to income limit and other restrictions. First time home buyer is 3 years not living in primary residence.

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